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Venelene FB-3003 - LDPE
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Typical Applications
Typical Applications: Heavy duty sacks, industrial liners, secondary packaging bags, heavy duty shrink film, agricultural films, trash bags, irrigation flexible pipes, and low volume blow molded parts (bottles, toys, etc.).

Technical Data Sheet
Properties ASTM* Units Typical value ***
Melt flow Index(190°C2.16 Kg.) D 1238 dg/min 0,27
Density D 792 g/cm3 0,9220
Film properties (100um)
Tensile properties MD TD
Toughness D 882 MPa 48 62
Tensile Strength at break D 882 MPa 20 19
Elongation at break D 882 % 300 500
Elmendorf tear strength D 1922 g 200 250
Impact resistance D 1709 KJ/m 29
Puncture resistance - g 1440
Optical properties(2)
Luminous Transmittance D 1003 % 66
Haze D 1003 % 31

(*) COVENIN - ASTM standards equivalency: Density Covenin 461-96; Melt Flow Index Covenin 1152-93; Tensile Mechanical Properties Covenin 1357-79.
(**) Optical properties are strongly affected by film gage, extrusion processing settings and cooling rate.
(***) Reported typical values are obtained from laboratory test. Values should be used as a commercial guide, not as guaranty or specification data.

User Advice:The information provided, to the best knowledge at the time of the publication, is true and accurate. However, POLIOLEFINAS INTERNACIONALES disclaim any liability for the consequences derived from the information uses.
This product meets Venezuelan Sanitary Ministry and FDA requirements for food contact, including cooking applications.